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The Derby Training Facility is located in the thriving town of Derby. The facility is a gym aiming to help build a better future by providing a safe environment for the next generation to train and learn the mechanics of life on Shartak. We welcome all to lend a hand in the teaching the ways of the island, as long as they follow the accepted rules;
1. No killing, for any reason.
2. No one will be brought under 20 hp, for safety reasons.
3. Its generally encouraged to heal any players injured.
4. For real, no killing.

A staff member will usually provide first aid kits for members of the clan, but in a case where this isn't possible, its also encouraged to byofak to be sure. Also, you probably should bring a towel.

Restrictions are listed below:

There are no restrictions.

Clan Leadership:
Derby Dummy (Founder)

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