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Owing to its delayed unification by land-oriented Prussia in 1871, Germany came late to the imperialist scramble for remote colonial territory their so-called "place in the sun". The German states prior to 1870 had retained separate political structures and goals, and German foreign policy up to and including the age of Otto von Bismarck concentrated on resolving the "German question" in Europe and securing German interests on that same continent. On the other hand, Germans had traditions of foreign sea-borne trade dating back to the Hanseatic League; a tradition existed of German emigration (eastward in the direction of Russia and Romania and westward to North America); and North German merchants and missionaries showed lively interest in overseas lands. The rise of German imperialism also coincided with the "scramble for Africa," during which Germany competed with other European powers for control of the last unexplored continent's territory.

Many Germans in the late 19th century viewed colonial acquisitions as a true indication of having achieved nationhood, and the demand for prestigious colonies went hand-in-hand with dreams of a High Seas Fleet, which would become reality and be perceived as a threat by the United Kingdom.

Because Germany was so late to join the race for colonial territories, most of the world had already been carved up by the other European powers; in some regions the trend was already towards decolonisation, especially in North America.

Settlers now have come to Colonize and Settle on Shartak.

With the opening of New Berlin soon-we ask all German Nationalists to come out of the woodwork, join with your Bavarian Bretherin and come to New Berlin!

Restrictions are listed below:

Required homes: York, Durham, Derby, the shipwreck

Clan Leadership:
BLooDCLotT (Founder)

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