Clan : The Shartak Bottle And Backpack Co.

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We are the SB&BP Co.

We are the official distributor of the various commodities you all find very commonplace that are created by Simon.

Our products are created of the highest quality materials available.

Our finest product, The Empty Bottle is created from glass made of the sands from the shipwreck. The bottle caps made from the highest quality gold coins on the island.

Our other popular products include the Bottle of Beer and the Bottle of Rum!

Our beers are made from finely brewed jungle grass and are placed in our empty bottles.

Our high quality rum is aged three days in high-pressure, wooden caskets that make it so potent to cure wounds!

And our newest product, is the Simon Backpack!
Made from the finest alligator leather, elephant skin and tiger teeth, These babies can help you lighten the load of life.

President: Pickles the Drummer
Vice President: Chief Cookpot

Special Associates: Trader Tom, Trader Dick, Trader Harry, Trader Sam, Tamdal Tik, Tamdal Tak and Tamdal Toe.

Special Thanks to: Simon, for supplying us with unending amounts of bottles and backpacks. Without Simon, we would have no life.

Restrictions are listed below:

Invitation only

Clan Leadership:
Pickles the Drummer (Founder)

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