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Many years ago St Isidore descended into the barbaric lands to the east of the Roman Empire to spread Christianity, he taught many ways of god and their souls were saved, yet he was cut down by disgruntled pagans. We are here to spread the word of god IN VENGEANCE and slaughter any un-Christian savages, turn those who are uncivilized to being civilized, burn their homes, kill their warriors, sell their children and take their women!
Shawn is a Spanish priest disguised as a Native leading an underground Inquisition called âThe Shartak Spanish Inquisition”, he is responsible for the arson of the pagan temple of WICSICK and many huts containing families.

Outsiders are free to join, so are god loving natives.

Missionary, what missionary?!? If there was a missionary, I would be long dead, like Father Jim, poor fool.

((We are not fanatic like those Protestants))

Restrictions are listed below:

There are no restrictions.

Clan Leadership:
Shawn (Founder)

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