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"The Spartans"

We as a group have no natural enemies in Shartak unless of course the Persians that died by our swords and spears found there way to Shartak as we did.
Anyone who kills a Spartan automatically becomes an enemy of Sparta and will be killed on sight by any Spartan that comes across them. This is our only rule, we do not actively look for enemies but if you attack us be prepared for the consequences. Your only way of getting out of your death will be to ask for forgiveness on the forums and it will be discussed and the final say will come from the Spartan you attacked.

This group is for higher level Soldiers in Shartak to gather together, it is not a clan for attacking random people so if that is what you are after then go elsewhere.
We will be a peacefull group unless provoked so only join up if you understand this fully.

You will NOT be able to join "The Spartans" as this is invite only. You must first spend your training i.e. "The Agoge" in "The Spartan Recruits" clan which is freely available to lower level Soldier class players. You will stay in that clan until you have passed "The Agoge" and or are a high enough level to be promoted to the rank of "Spartan" at which time you will be invited to join "The Spartans" clan.

Neither groups actively set out to make enemys but you are obviously allowed to defend yourself, town and avenge other Spartans Deaths.
Recruits however are not allowed to involve themselves in any fights other than the need to defend themselves.

Any questions just ask.

Restrictions are listed below:

Invitation only
Minimum level required is level 8
Required classes: Soldier
Required homes: York, Durham, Derby


Clan Leadership:
Leonidas of Sparta (Founder)

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