Clan Membership for Secret Society of Supervillains

Listed below are all members of the clan Secret Society of Supervillains.

John Batman
Colonel Ives
Dick Deadeye
An 800 Pound Gorilla
Jack Torrance
Hannibal Lecter
Sam Bellamy (inactive)
OpiumJoe (inactive)
Admiral Benzoylmethylecgonine (inactive)
Captain Blacktooth (inactive)
Timothy Trust (inactive)
AmIDead (inactive)
pirate eater (inactive)
The Munch (inactive)
Fantaw (inactive)
Edward Theodore Gein (inactive)
Leatherface (inactive)
Last Laugh (inactive)
Kali'na (inactive)
The Monarch (inactive)
Cletus (inactive)
Penis (inactive)
Clovis (inactive)
Rifiel (inactive)
Thozwo (inactive)
Suzie (inactive)
Grey Beard (inactive)
Wee Willie Winkie (inactive)
Ol' Morriss (inactive)
DEATH TOUCH (inactive)
Sayaka Miki (inactive)
CharlieBoom (inactive)
FireDick Neil (inactive)
paul kirk (inactive)
killin' mcgee (inactive)
ThatGuySellingDVDs (inactive)
Woo Fong (inactive)
Zardoz (inactive)
Long John Thomas (inactive)
Iron Man Carmichael (inactive)
Cotton (inactive)
Chilly The Elf WhoCannotLove (inactive)
Squakz (inactive)
Sgt Nicholas Angel II (inactive)
Khroneus (inactive)
The Abominable Dr. Lenny (inactive)
Son of Mxy (inactive)

The membership list is only available to the founder or co-admin unless the founder has made the clan membership public, or to members only.

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